Idea/writing prompt ;3

Salutations! Can you believe it's June already? The year's half over almost!
Anywho, here's an idea I had a while back, which you can enjoy whilst I work on the next part of The Reveal... Almost! :D

So, today I decided to put into words something that has been bouncing around in my head for a while.. a Secret Agent AU!

Setting: Present Day
Master Fu has chosen Marinette and Adrien to be secret agents. They're fighting against a rogue agent, codenamed Hawkmoth. Lucky Charm analyses the situation and provides LB with the item she needs, Cataclysm destroys a specific item using laser tech. Both are power draining, so they only have a short amount of time left before the CPU disguise wears out. Tikki and Plagg are AI.. any other ideas? :)

Feel free to steal this idea, I'll probably never develop it into anything. But let me know if you write a fanfic about it, I wanna see it!


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