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Prime Queen alternate ending part one (s2 ep3)

Just for clarification; Ladybug and Chat Noir are trapped in the freezer in Le Grand Paris Hotèl, fighting Prime Queen (or trying to). Prime Queen wants them to "reveal their love for one another" but Ladybug wants nothing to do with it. Alya is trapped, and possibly about to drown, and Ladybug and Chat Noir are out of options... almost. (Watch the episode first before reading this; it'll make much more sense.)

Ladybug sighed. Why did she ever agree to that stupid interview? Now Nadia was akumatized, Alya was in danger, the whole world was watching, and Chat-- well, he wasn't exactly helping.

'C'mon, Bugaboo, it's just a kiss...'

She shook her head in frustration. 'And how, exactly,' she said sarcastically, 'will that help?'

Chat smiled triumphantly. 'Because then we can lure Prime Queen here by "proving" our love for one another! Then we say if she puts Ayla out of danger, and comes here, we'll gi…