An apology// hiatus thingy I dunno

Hello human beings! This is an apology post of sorts, I guess.?

You have probably noticed that I have not been posting much at all. And I really am sorry! But my family and I went on holidays, and we only just got back.. and as to why I haven't queued anything.. I have no excuse. So, yeah.. apologies. 
A Date with a Cat is nearly done, I purr-omise! (Okay that was bad even fur for me.) 
That Adrienette story.. what's it called again I forgot is on hiatus until further notice. Oh yeah, The Reveal... Almost. Huh, 
Anyways, I hope nobody will get akumatized or anything.. but ya, have a good day, see you sometime next week hopefully.. cya later! 


  1. It's okaaayyyy!! Don't feel bad. And the puns... *nods approvingly* awesome. my sister would groan though. xDD

  2. Thanks, but I do feel bad.. oh well lol. I will do my very best to include as many claw-ful puns as possible to make you happy... XD

  3. Those puns tho. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Don't feel bad about not posting, I hope you had fun on holiday! 😊

    1. XD My puns are meow-vrellous aren't they? XD
      And yep, we had heaps of fun! ^-^


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