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This is a highly unusual type of post for me.. but I need help. "The Reveal.. Almost" is stuck and I don't know how to un-stick it. I SUCK AT CUTE SCENES OK. So, here's a challenge for you all.. write the next part! (Or even just a paragraph!) No requirements, just.. like.. don't kill anyone? I think?

I have spent literally (LITERALLY) five hours, trying to write part twelve. And failing. Badly. This is all I have:

Adrien picked up a cold teaspoon, taking a small scoop. "Ladies first," he said with a smile. He handed her the spoon, letting their fingers brush against each other. A small tingle of warmth went up his arm.

AND YES I KNOW IT SUCKS. (Or maybe that's just me because I've been staring at it for FiVe HouRS.)

So. Whoever writes part twelve gets it put up on here (with credit duh). And a big plate of virtual brownies from me. And much appreciation.

Email me (Yes, even my email is geeky.) And thank you all for putting up with my rambling. 

In the unlikely event that I get more than one entry, I'll choose my favourite. ^-^

Stay Miraculous! (>^-^)>

Edit: Yay! I posted the next part! Thanks for the support, and the writing tips.. :D
By the way, if you wrote a part, you can still send it in and I'll post it as an alternate part!


  1. Ahhh I so relate to staring at a single sentence for hours and trying to work out how what to follow it with. Writer's block is SO ANNOYING XD Sometimes I find a good way to get un-stuck is to just delete the last couple of sentences I've written and re-write them in different words, and then the rest just continues flowing on from there ;)


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