A Date with a Cat, part 6

Alya threw the phone as far as she could, but Coccoinoir was still holding her arm, so it only flew a few meters. (Yards, for my American readers.) 
"Let go of me!" Alya struggled, but Coccinoir held her firmly. The akuma reached over to grab her phone, but she was unbalanced. All she needed was a push.. which Chat Noir promptly gave.
The supervillain crashed onto the ground. Ladybug ran and fetched the phone, and threw it onto the ground. A black butterfly flew out of the cracked screen.
"Time to de-evilise!" 
Ladybug purified the akuma, and released it with her catchphrase. "Bye-bye little butterfly!"
Coccinoir transformed back to a confused-looking college student. Alya, free from Coccinoir's grasp, stood up. "Thanks, Ladybug. And while you're here.. do you and Chat Noir have time for an interview?"
Ladybug helped the student up. "Maybe next time. I have.. something I need to do first. Bug out!"
Chat sighed. "What is it?" Alya asked, her journalist senses tingling. "I thought.. it was for real this time." Then without further explanation, he left. 


Post-credits scene (courtesy of Marvel):

Alya stood alone on the pavement. Chat was gone.
"I didn't even get my interview.. darn."


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