A Date with a Cat, Part Five

Guys, I'm so, so, sorry that I didn't post on Friday (or Monday). I have a lot going on, and I completely spaced.. I thought I had one planned. Again, I'm super-duper sorry, and I hope y'all forgive me. I might take a while to catch up on writing, so it might be a little slow for a while :/ And apologies for the short installment. (Am I apologizing too much? XD)

Ladybug put her hand up to her mouth in shock. 'I'm so sorry Chat, I had no idea. I thought-

I don't know what I thought. There's.. someone else I like.. I'm sorry. But I can't think of you in that way.'

Chat closed his eyes. 'That's.. good for him, I guess. I hope he knows how lucky he is.'

Ladybug blushed a little. 'I, uh, actually haven't told him yet.. I'm too nervous. He's just so perfect...
and I don't know if he likes me back.'
'You should tell him.' Chat was decisive. 'And if he doesn't like you back.. then it's his loss.' He

hesitated, then asked something that was bothering him. 'If you feel that way.. why did you agree

to come?'

Ladybug saw her chance. She said softly, 'Don't look behind you. Keep walking, keep holding my

hand, and look like we're having a romantic moment.'

Months of patrol meant that Chat knew to obey instantly. He leaned over, their shoulders touching.

'There's an akuma. She wants us to be a "couple". She's after Alya, the girl who runs the Ladyblog.
Just go along with this; be ready to fight.'
Ladybug hesitated, then kissed Chat on the cheek.

Alya, watching from behind Coccinoir, saw it and recognized her signal. She reached out and grabbed Coccinoir's phone. She stepped back, crept around the supervillain, and yelled to Ladybug, 'I got it!'

Ladybug instantly pivoted around. Seeing Alya, she leapt over. But Coccinoir had not been idle. She grabbed Alya, and ran. 


  1. I'm about 80% sure this is the second or third last part.. once it's over, I'll be able to concentrate on The Reveal.. Almost.

  2. Hey! I don't actually watch Ladybug (I think I watched a couple of episodes with my cousin once, but it was a long time ago) but this was fun to read! Can't wait for the next part ;)

    Also, I tagged you with the get to know me writer's tag! https://spaceshipsvampiresandsecretagents.blogspot.com/2018/04/the-get-to-know-me-tag-writers-edition.html

    1. Hi! Thanks, glad you liked it! Sorry I've been a bit slack with posting lately, lol. Next part should be up.. sometime soon-ish? XD

      Ooh, a tag! Yay! :D

  3. Why did I not see this sooner?????? Sad but awesome.. so I don't know if i should cry or what lol...

    1. Oh.. no.. don't cry.. I stressed too much over this for you to cry.. I'm sooorryyyy! >-<


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