The Reveal... Almost. Part Nine!

As Marinette and Alya got off the train, Marinette checked her phone. 'We still have half an hour before the movie starts- what do you wanna do? We could get ice-cream, maybe, or-'
'Mm, ice-cream.. let's go with that,' Alya smiled. 'I know a place...'
As the best friends walked towards the ice-cream parlour, Marinette asked Alya a question. 'Hey, Alya?'
'Mm?' Alya gestured for her to continue.
'Do you ever think you'd like to be a superhero? Like Ladybug and Chat Noir?'
Alya looked at Marinette. 'Are you kidding me? Of course! It would be sooo awesome! Why do you ask?'
'Oh, no reason.' Marinette smiled to herself. Alya was going to get the surprise of a lifetime. 

'Are we nearly there?' Adrien asked his kwami. 'We've been walking for aaaaages...' In reality, they'd only been walking for about five minutes, not counting the train ride. But Adrien liked to tease his kwami, as a small payback for the camembert. Plagg stuck his head out of Adrien's jacket. 'Have patience, have patience.. we're almost there. Just around that corner...'
As Adrien rounded the corner, he stopped. The most delicious smell was floating on the air.. it smelt like fresh bread, and pizza, and ice-cream...
'Welcome,' Plagg said triumphantly,'to the food markets.'
[**I was hungry whilst writing this and all I could think about was pizza don't judge**]
Adrien looked around in amazement. The bustling stalls, the people, all combined to make an amazing atmosphere. 
'Don't just stand there gaping.' Plagg nudged Adrien in the direction of a small ice-cream parlour. 'Go and get something to eat! It'll help you think. Trust me, I know.'
Adrien wandered over to where Plagg was pointing. It was a tiny, quaint place, with hand-lettered signs and pretty painted windowboxes. 'I guess it couldn't hurt..,' he said under his breath.
As Marinette and Alya walked into the parlour, a small bell jingled merrily to announce their arrival. A young man looked up from the counter. 'Why, hello! Alya, haven't seen you for ages! And who's your friend?'
'This is Marinette. Marinette, this is my cousin Marcus.'
'Oh, hi! This is a really cool place you've got here,' Marinette said, marvelling at the decorations. 
'Why, thank you! However, unfortunately, it's not actually mine. I just work here, although,' he said in a confidential tone,' between friends, I might as well own the place. I do all the work!'
The three teens laughed. Alya's laugh, however, was a little more preoccupied than the other two's. She had seen a certain someone through the window. She needed to give Marcus a signal.. aha! She had it! Her grandmere [grandmother] used to listen to an old love song, about a girl who was in love with a boy, but was too shy to confess her love. It was a very old song, but all her grandchildren were familiar with it, as the old lady made sure of that. Alya began to whistle it softly. Marcus looked at her sharply, then at the boy that he could see through the window. He nodded understanding. Alya smiled, then said, 'I've got to go to the bathroom, sorry Marinette. I'll be right back.'
'Ok.' Marinette nodded her understanding. 'Don't bother ordering for me,' the brunette said as she started walking away. 'I'll order for myself when I get back.' The girl hurried out of the parlour, almost running into the tall blond out the front.
'Alya?' Adrien asked. But she was already gone.
Adrien shrugged. Alya was almost always in a hurry to get somewhere, he mused. he pushed open the door, hearing the sound of the bell. 
'Marinette!' he smiled, sounding carefree but feeling anything but. 'Fancy seeing you here!'
It was amazing to see Marinette's whole demeanor change, when she saw Adrien. You could almost see the sparkle in her eyes, almost see her actually stand up straighter. 'Adrien!' she said, the delight evident in her eyes. 
Adrien smiled. Maybe this wasn't such a bad time after all. Marcus cleared his throat, and the two of them started. 'Perhaps you two lovebirds would like to order something?'
Adrien opened his mouth, then closed it again. He had no idea what to do, having zero experience in that sort of situation. He didn't mind at all being referred to as one of two lovebirds, especially considering that the girl in question was Ladybug, but his gentlemanly nature refused to just assume that Marinette liked it. He looked at her, a question in his eyes.


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