The Reveal.. Almost. Part Eight!

'Oh, hello sweetie.' Sabine looked up from her baking as Marinette descended the stairs.  'I didn't see you come in before! You must've slipped past me when I was in the back.'
'Uh, yeah,' Marinette agreed absent-mindedly. 'Where's Dad?'
'He's delivering the wedding cake. Are you alright, dear? You seem distracted..'
'I'm fine, don't worry!' Marinette brushed off her mother's concerns, breathing a sigh of relief. She'd avoided any awkward explanations, this time. 'Need any help?'
Before Sabine could answer, Alya walked in the door. 'Hi Marinette! Oh, and hi Mrs Cheng.'
'Go and play with your friend, darling,' Sabine instructed Marinette. 'I'm just about done here, anyways.'
'Thanks Mum!'
'Thanks, Mrs Cheng!'
The two girls climbed the stairs up to Marinette's room. 'So, how's it going?' Marinette asked. 'What brings the famed Ladyblogger, Alya Cesaire, to my door?'
The friends shared a laugh before Alya answered. 'Not much, really. I was bored, Nino's hanging out with his family somewhere..'
'Oh, I see how it is,' Marinette said in mock offense. 'I'm only second choice, am I? You'll only hang out with me if Nino's not free? Is that it?' She tried to hold a straight face, but ended up dissolving into laughter. 
'C'mon, you know it's not like that,' Alya laughed. 
'I know,' Marinette grinned. 'So, do you wanna go to the park or something? Or the movies? I hear that new superhero movie's out...'
'It's funny,' Alya said thoughtfully. 'I always thought those movies were just a fairy tale, but now that we know superheroes do exist...'
' mean that they might be true? We better watch the skies, then, and see if we can see Spiderman!'
'You know what I mean!' Alya smiled. 'So, what time does that movie start?'

Adrien wandered, dazed, through the park. 'Marinette is Ladybug,' he mumbled as he walked. 'How could I have missed it?' The hair, the eyes, the height.. they all led to the same thing. His Lady and his Princess.. they were the same person! He almost tripped as he stumbled over a tree root. 'Kid? Kid, snap out of it!' Plagg exclaimed. 'I know you've had a big shock, but this isn't the way home.' The kwami pointed to the right. 'That's the way home. I don't know much about geography, but I know that much.'
'I don't know, Plagg.' Adrien sighed as he sat on a bench. 'I don't think I want to go home right now. It's just too.. lonely. I'm sorry, I just don't know what I want.'
'That's alright, kid.' Plagg paused, thinking. 'I know just the place.. but you'll have to pay for directions.' 
'One wedge of camembert, coming up. Now where is this place? And what is it?'
'It's a surprise, kid. Now, turn down that street there... this is gonna be great!'


  1. aaaahh! I love this and cant wait for more!!!!

    1. Thanks! Next chapter will be cute.. and the next one will be even cuter... so stay tuned!


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