The Reveal... Almost. Part 11!

Marinette almost jumped. 'Huh? Oh, yeah. Alya knows Marcus- that's the guy over there- apparently she's his cousin. And yeah.. we had a bit of spare time before we were planning to go to a movie.. so yeah. How did you find it?'
'I, uh, well, I was just kinda wandering around, when I realised I was near a marketplace.. I went to go explore, and then I found this place! It's really cool, I wonder why it doesn't get more customers. Although,' he added as an afterthought, 'we'll have to wait and see what the ice-cream tastes like.'
'Yeah, that's true,' Marinette agreed.
'Well, you two are about to find out!' Marcus said, presenting the sundae with a flourish. Please, take a seat!'
Adrien, ever the gentleman, gestured for Marinette to sit down before he did. She chose a table in the corner, with a cushioned bench along the wall, and a window looking out over the Seine. Marinette claimed the window seat, while Adrien opted for the seat next to her. 
Marinette tensed slightly. She felt Adrien leaning against the seat beside her. She'd only ever been so close to one other boy... Chat Noir. Adrien. She realised she was holding her breath, and forced herself to breathe. In, out. In, out..
Adrien carefully watched Marinette's reaction. If she looked uncomfortable, he would move- no matter how much he was enjoying the contact. He felt, rather than saw, her tense, and prepared to move.. but then she calmed. And smiled. And leaned toward him slightly. He was at a slight loss what to do, but he decided to go with the flow. After all, Ladybug was always the one making the decisions.. so why should this situation be any different? He shifted towards her, so slightly to be almost inperceptible.
Almost inperceptible. Marcus noticed, and smiled. Apparently Alya was right. But then, was there ever any doubt?
'Your sundae is served,' he said, placing it on the table along with two spoons. He bowed himself out and whisked away to the kitchen. He would later go out the back door, to inform Alya that her plan had worked. But, for now... he liked a happy ending as much as the next person. 
[**guys you better enjoy the fluff because it's HARD to write ok? or at least for me it is**]


  1. I ENJOYED THE FLUFF!!! Aww, this is so cute!!!

    1. Aw, thank you! Now I need to write the next part.. lol.


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