The Reveal.. Almost. Part 10!

Marinette looked at Marcus, eyebrows raised. 'Alya?' she mouthed. He inclined his head slightly, and returned the look with an open smile. 'So, what'll it be? Cup, cone, or,' he lowered his voice knowingly, 'will it be a romantic sundae for two?'
Adrien shrugged, leaving the answer up to Marinette, who decided to take the plunge. She looked over at Adrien, as if asking permission, and he nodded in encouragement. 'Sundae, please,' she said firmly, showing no sign of her tumultuous emotions.
Behind Marinette's back, Adrien smiled, happily. Marcus caught his gaze. 'Good going, dude,' he mouthed. Then, turning his attention back to Marinette, he smiled. 'So, what flavour?'
Marinette shrugged. 'Adrien, y-you can choose if you like,' she stammered, realising what she had just done. She had ordered a freakin' ROMANTIC SUNDAE to share with Adrien! She was gonna kill Alya.. if she survived this. Although, he was Chat Noir, surely this couldn't be too bad.. 
She suddenly realised where her train of thought was leading. Not going there. Nope. No. Way.
Alya peeped in the window. Marcus was busily making a sundae, Adrien was standing awkwardly by the window, and Marinette looked like she was about to explode with embarrassment. She turned a little, and spotted Alya through the window. 'I. Will. End. You,' she mouthed. Alya gave her a thumbs up, and waved. Then she walked away, satisfied that her work as match-maker was finished.. for now. She wondered briefly about the possible consequences, but dismissed the thought. Her friend would probably thank her later. 

Adrien rubbed the back of his neck nervously. At the best of times, he felt awkward in social situations, but this- this was beyond awkward. He tried to picture Marinette as Ladybug, but he couldn't quite summon up the easy, carefree attitude of Chat Noir. Maybe the suit did more than just grant flexibility, cat senses, and Cataclysm, he reflected ruefully. Who knows? Plagg might, actually, but if he did know he probably wouldn't say. 
With an effort, he pulled his thoughts back towards Marinette. It wouldn't do to just sit there in silence, he realised. Any confidence he might have had whilst he saw Marinette as "just a friend"- that vanished as soon as he found out about her alter-ego. He scrambled for something to say, before settling on a simple conversation. Simple, and easy. He took a deep breath. 
'So, how did you find out about this place? It seems pretty cool.'


  1. Ahhh I love it!!!!!!! Yeeahhh, go matchmaker Alya!!!!

    1. Thanks! I just had to put this scene in, it's been bugging (pun intended) me for a while, wanting to be written into fanfic ^w^


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