A Date with a Cat

Hey guys! I'll be posting updates to this fanfic about once a fortnight. Don't worry, The Reveal... Almost will still be updating regularly. This'll be a four- or five-parter, I think.

Alya hummed as she updated the Ladyblog, in the privacy of her room. After that show with Nadia, Side By Side, her views had been going crazy. Of course, there were some hateful comments, but she was a seasoned blogger and had learnt to ignore those. She could've laughed as she read one of them.
"how dar u say dat about ladybug she and cat noir are obv. dateing ur stupid"
She smiled, and set about composing a scathing reply, when her window creaked. She looked up to see a supervillain, creeping through her window!
'Ohmigoodne-' Alya started to say, but stopped as the villain leapt across the room and clamped a hand over her mouth, making her drop her phone on the table.
'Don't. Say. A word. Or else I will drop you out the window. Got it?'
Alya's eyes widened in fear. The villain grabbed her and held her out of the window.
'I said,' the villain said through clenched teeth, 'do you understand?'
Alya nodded. 'I.. understand,' she said, barely audible through the supervillain's hand. The akuma brought her back inside and released her. Alya took a deep breath. 'Why are you here?' she asked quietly, edging toward her phone. 'And who the heck are you?'
'I'm Coccinoir, and I'm here because you,' she stabbed a finger at Alya's chest, 'destroyed my ship!'
'Your.. ship?' Alya asked. As she did so, she pressed "record" on her phone. This was going on the Ladyblog for sure!
'Yes, my ship. You dashed my fangirl hopes for LadyNoir, and now you will pay! Unless you can prove that you were lying. You have forty-eight hours. Unless you can give me solid proof that you were wrong, you're dead. And don't you DARE make it a setup. I'll be watching Ladybug and Chat Noir, AND your Ladyblog, to make sure you don't give them a message, you can be certain of that. Time's ticking!'
Coccinoir jumped out the window. Alya pressed the button to stop recording, then slipped to the floor, her head in her hands. What was she gonna do? 


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