A Date With a Cat, Part Two

Marinette knocked on Alya's door. They had agreed to study together that night, and Marinette was already late. She knocked again, to no answer. She poked her head around the door.
She was shocked to see her friend just sitting on the floor. It wasn't like her at all. 'Alya, are you alright? What are you doing down there?'
Alya looked up. 'Marinette, you have no idea how glad I am to see you.'
As Alya filled Marinette in on what happened, she felt a little better. But she still didn't know what to do. 'Don't worry,' Marinette reassured her friend. 'I'll work this out. Just wait.' 
'Okay. What are you gonna do?'
'Oh, just wait and see.'
Chat Noir catapulted himself toward the meeting place using his stick, humming a tune under his breath. He'd had a pretty good day, but he was still looking forward to seeing Ladybug. It was always his highlight of the day. He landed on the rooftop, and sat down to wait for his partner. She was late, but only by a minute or so. 
Ladybug swung through the rooftops. She knew she was late, so she went as fast as she could go. When she landed, Chat Noir stood up to greet her. 'Ready to go, m'lady?'
'Yeah. But first, I wanted to ask you a question..,' she trailed off, spotting an akuma in the shadows, behind Chat Noir. It must be Coccinoir, she realised. And if she told Chat Noir, she might hurt Alya before they could stop her. She had to go with plan B: play along.
'Yeah?' Chat Noir prompted. 
'Does that offer of a date still stand? Because I don't have anything on tomorrow afternoon...'
'Of course!' Chat said, thrilled. 'Just after school finishes?'
'Sounds good!' Ladybug said, faking a smile. She wished she could tell him, but it was just too risky. 'Meet you at the Louvre Pyramid?'
'Now that's settled... race you to the Eiffel Tower?'
'You're on!'


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