A Date with a Cat, Part three

The next day, Marinette met Alya at the school. 
'Have you worked anything out yet?' Alya asked. 'Having a supervillain's spies constantly watching you is a little.. stressful, to say the least. I keep noticing all these little drone-things hanging around my house.'
'Don't worry, it's under control,' Marinette promised. 'But, I need you to do something... are you free this afternoon?'
That afternoon, Ladybug was pacing the ground next to the  Louvre Pyramid. 'Where is that cat?' she muttered. She could see Coccinoir out of the corner of her eye. Her nerves were tuned to the highest pitch. She couldn't even begin to list the things that might go wrong. In hindsight, she realised she probably should've just told her partner, but there was no changing that now. She decided she would tell Chat Noir as soon as she had the chance. She hoped Alya was in position. As she contemplated the possible disasters, and holes in her plan, she sighed. No use worrying about it now, she realised. What was done was done. Nobody could change the past. Although, she reflected, Timebreaker certainly tried to. Just as her thoughts began to trail off into a different tangent, she was distracted by a noice from behind her.
'Excited, m'lady?' Chat Noir asked with his usual charm. 'Looking forward to a romantic evening with yours truly?'
Ladybug gathered her thoughts. She needed to get her partner away from Coccinoir, without letting him see the akuma. If he did, before she had a chance to explain, he would point it out and her plan would be compromised. Coccinoir thought she was unseen by the heroic duo, and Ladybug intended to keep it like that. 
'M'lady?' Chat prompted.
'What? Oh, yes. Just a little distracted, you know- civilian life problems,' she said with what she hoped was a reassuring smile. 'Got a lot on my mind lately,' she added, hoping he would believe her.
'Oh, of course. I understand,' her partner said with a smile. 'So.. did you have any place in particular in mind?'
'I do, actually. I found a really cute little ice-cream parlour, near the banks of the Seine. It's called Mint and Sugar, and the gelato there is heavenly. You up for it?'
'Definetely. Lead the way, o great gelato-finder!' he said with an exaggerated bow. Ladybug nodded, then leapt to the top of the glass pyramid. 'Bet you can't keep up!' she called, as she swung across to the rooftops of Paris. 
'Bet I can!' her partner called, as he raced after her, smiling to himself. After he left, an akuma equipped with small, innoucous-looking camera drones stepped out of hiding. 'I knew it!' she said triuphantly to herself. 'Alya was part of the cover-up- but now the world will know the truth! I just have to wait...'
'Remember, you still owe me,' Hawkmoth chided her. 'I want those Miraculouses, not just some lame footage.'
'Oh, you'll get your Miraculouses, just wait,' Coccinoir said with a smile. 'Just wait and see...'


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