A Date with a Cat, Part Four

Ladybug stopped on a rooftop, and waited for Chat Noir, hoping he would catch up before the camera-drones did. There- he was just on that rooftop. He leapt over to her. 
'What's up, m'lady? Is something the matter?'
A drone hovered silently behind him. Ladybug spotted it immediately. Too late to warn him. 'No, nothing wrong. We're almost there,' she said, gesturing to a small building about twenty metres away. 
They leapt down from the rooftop and walked over to the small business. Ladybug's nerves were keyed to the highest pitch. Her yo-yo beeped. She checked it discreetly. 
Alya Cesaire
"Not in position. Ten more minutes."
She frowned, then tapped out a quick reply. She was walking a little way behind Chat, hoping he wouldn't notice.


     "Got it. I'll make my move in 12." 
Ladybug put her yo-yo away, and went to stand next to her partner. She put her hand in his, hoping that Coccinoir was watching. She amended the thought.. Coccinoir BETTER be watching.
When Chat Noir felt the touch of his Lady's fingers against his own, he felt a little shiver. He knew, without a doubt, that he was completely and utterly in love. As they walked toward Mint and Sugar, he thought that he was probably the happiest cat in the world at that moment. 
'Chat?' Ladybug said in a low voice.
Ladybug hesitated. He seemed so happy. But she had to tell him about Coccinoir. 
'I need to tell you something..'
'Why, what's the matter? Are you okay? Is something wrong?'
Ladybug saw movement in the corner of her eye. A drone. And it was close enough to pick out the individual words. She couldn't say anything, or else Alya could be put in even more danger. And she was too darn tired to be sure that she could protect her. She quickly improvised a reply.
'No, nothing is wrong, I just wanted to say.. you're my best friend, you know that?'
It was true, even if it wasn't what she intended to say in the first place. 
Chat's heart skipped a beat. I'm her best friend, he thought. Her best friend.
'Of course! You're always there for me, you're such a kind person.. even if you do make those terrible puns all the time, you are undoubtedly my best friend,' she said seriously.
Chat Noir was speechless. He knew they were friends.. close friends, even, but best friends..
"I- you're my best friend too. You're amazing, and smart, and.. I love you."
There. He'd said it. He could only hope she felt the same way.


  1. Be careful with what you wright in the next chapter. I might kill you

    1. O-ok.. *hides*
      I actually haven't written it yet.. so..
      theres a 50/50 chance that LB will reject him so BE WARNED OK


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