The Reveal.. Almost. Part Six!

As Marinette walked home, Adrien was talking to his kwami. 
'Do you really think she liked it? She acted kinda strange....'
'Relaaax, she probably just had a lot on her mind. You of all people-,' here Plagg paused to stuff some more cheese in his mouth- 'shulf oh ubuh hah,'
Adrien looked at Plagg, annoyed. 'Don't speak with your mouth full, Plagg. You're enough of a pig as it is.'
Plagg swallowed the rest of his cheese. 'I said, "You of all people should know about that." Give the girl a break. For all you know, her pet hamster died that day or something. Besides, there are plenty of other girls who like you.'
'It's not the same,' Adrien sighed. 
Plagg sat down in front of the lovesick boy. For all his annoying demeanor, he did care about Adrien. 'Look, kid, why don't you go for a walk,' he said, not unkindly. 'You could use the fresh air, and a change of surroundings might give be helpful.' And, he added mentally, you'll be out of reach of Gabriel. That dude gives me the creeps. 
'I guess you're right,' Adrien conceded. 'We better go now, then, before the Gorilla catches me.' 
Plagg smiled. 'There you go, kid, that's the spirit!
Meanwhile, in another room in the Agreste mansion, Gabriel was talking to his kwami. 
'As soon as I can get my hands on another Miraculous, Nooroo, then taking Ladybug's and Chat Noir's Miraculouses will be a piece of cake. First step; we must locate the Fox Miraculous. Once we've taken it, then we will use it to take the Bee Miraculous. And then, I will take the earrings and the ring, and have absolute power!'
Nooroo sighed unhappily. How he hated being forced to help Hawkmoth! But as of now, he had no choice but to wait...


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