The Reveal... Almost. Part Four!

As Marinette walked to Master Fu's house, she and Tikki talked about why Master Fu wanted her to come so badly. 'Maybe he deciphered some more of the code!' Marinette exclaimed. 'I can't wait to find out more about what that spell-book says...'
'That would be awesome!' Tikki agreed. 'But I don't think he would say it was urgent...'
Marinette pulled out her phone to re-read the text. 
"Dear Marinette
I have found out important news. Please come as quickly as possible.
Master Fu"
'I wonder what he means by, "important news"...' Marinette wondered aloud.
'I'm sure you'll find out soon,' said Tikki. 'Look, we're nearly there!'
As Marinette pushed open the door, she spotted the spell-book lying open on the floor as Master Fu was studying it. 'Welcome, Marinette,' he said, looking up. 'I take it you recived my message?'
'Yes, what was the "important news"?' Marinette asked, curious.
'We will come to that. But first, I need to ask you a question. Have you noticed a lot more, or a lot less akumas lately?'
'Less, actually,' Marinette replied, thinking over the past few days. 'A lot less...'
Master Fu nodded. 'Just as I thought. He is conserving his strength.'
'He? Who are you talking about? And saving his strength for what?'
Master Fu waited patiently until Marinette had finished, and then he explained. 'I was trying to decode the spellbook when Wayzz sensed a disturbance of some kind.'
Wayzz jumped in. 'It felt like a great magic was amassing, and I felt Nooroo's essence in it. It did not seem to bode well for us.'
'Nooroo is Hawkmoth's kwami,' Master Fu explained. 'We believe that whoever is behind that mask has a master plan to get your and Chat Noir's Miraculous, instead of just sending out one supervillain at a time.'


  1. Awesome! and Thanks for the update!

    1. Thanks! Updates will be coming out every Monday from now on. :D


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