The Reveal... almost. Part Five!

'He's trying to collect all the other Miraculouses, one at a time, then he will be so powerful that no-one will be able to stop him!' Master Fu said dramatically.

'That's terrible!' Marinette exclaimed. 'How will we be able to stop his plan?'
'By giving away the other Miraculouses,' Wayzz interjected. 'If they have their own holders, it will be harder for Hawkmoth to collect them.'
Master Fu nodded. 'Yes. We have reason to believe that he already has the peacock Miraculous, or nearly has it. It's only a matter of time before the attacks become to much for you and Chat Noir. We need to act now!'
'But how will you figure out who the Chosen Ones will be?' Marinette asked, wide-eyed.
'That's where you come in. Can you find someone to help? Just one person for now. We will give the other Miraculouses away when the time comes.'
'Of course! I know just the person,' said Marinette, thinking of Alya.
'We'll be happy to help,' said Tikki. 'On a different note.... I think Marinette had something to tell you?'
Marinette looked at Tikki, surprised. 'What do you mean?' Then she stopped. 'No, it's ok, I can deal with it,' she whispered. Master Fu looked at her curiously. 'What do you mean?'
'Oh, nothing,' Marinette reassured him. 'Just, ah, personal issues.'
'Of course.' Master Fu nodded, although he still looked unconvinced. 'Can you come again in two days? I can give you the Miraculous to hand to the next chosen one then.'
'Yep!' Marinette agreed hastily. Then she checked her phone. 'Oh, look at the time! I better go before my parents get suspicious,' she said, getting ready to leave.
'See you soon,' Master Fu called after her as she left. 'She is hiding something,' he said to Wayzz. 'But I'm sure Tikki will tell me if it becomes a problem.'


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