The Reveal.. almost. Part Two!

Chat Noir waited impatiently at the Eiffel Tower, the pre-arranged meeting place. He paced up and down the beam, nervous as a.. well... a cat! What if Ladybug didn't like the gift? Or even worse, what if she didn't like it but pretended to, so as not to hurt his feelings? 'Cmon, Adrien, you got this,' he muttered under his breath.
Ladybug took a deep breath, gathering her courage. She was standing just out of sight of the Eiffel Tower, where Adrien was waiting. No, not Adrien. Chat Noir. 'Just remember, Marinette, you have to act exactly the same or he'll be suspicious. Pretend that you don't know who he is,' she said to herself. She took one last deep breath, then grabbed her yo-yo and swung over to the Eiffel Tower. 'H-hey, Chat!' she said, trying to keep calm.
'Ladybug! You're here!'
'Yep!' she replied, glad that Chat's mask and costume (not to mention the different surroundings) made it easier to talk without stuttering. 'Why did you come to want early- I-I mean want to come early?'
'I, uh, wanted to give you something, like a birthday present, except I don't know when your birthday is, so... I thought I could give it to you today, as it's world superhero day, and that's kind of like a birthday, right?' he said, mentally berating himself for rambling on like that. 
Ladybug gasped softly. 'Really? Thank you so much!'
'Here it is,' he said, fumbling in his pocket for it, and withdrawing a small package in red wrapping paper.
He watched nervously as she carefully unwrapped it. 'D-do you like it?'
'Do I like it? Chat, it's beautiful!' she said, reverently holding up a delicate red flower hairclip, with a small crystal in the centre. 'I love it! C-can you maybe h-help me put it on?'
'Of course!' he said, relieved that she liked it. Ladybug handed him the clip, and he carefully clipped it onto her hair. 'There! A beautiful hairclip for a beautiful superhero,' he said with a smile.


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