The Reveal... Almost. Part 3!

'I only wish I had something for you!' Ladybug said, smiling.
'Your presence is the only gift I need,' Chat said with a bow. 'Now, shall we begin patrol?' 
'O-of course!' Ladybug stuttered. The hairclip had made her forget about her nervousness... but it all came back now. Adrien, she thought. That's Adrien flirting with me like that. 
Later that night, Chat was thinking hard. Ladybug had seemed a little strange tonight, almost like she was... nervous? 'Milady, what's the matter? You seem somehow nervous, is something wrong?'
When she heard Chat's question, Ladybug almost fell off the roof they were on. 'Huh? Oh yeah.. it's nothing. J-just, you know, a little tired.' She faked a yawn.
'Are you sure, Milady?' Chat asked, concerned.
'I'm sure.' Ladybug yawned again, for real this time. 'I better get going, or I'll be late for school. Bug out!'
The next day Marinette was really tired, as she had to do homework the night before after patrol, so she was up until midnight.
'Morning, Alya,' she said with a yawn. 'Whats up?'
'Nothing much- how about you?'
Marinette thought back over yesterday, about finding out who Chat was and patrol. 'Nothing at all. It's been pretty boring actually.'
Marinette's phone beeped with a new message. 'Who's that from?' Alya asked as Marinette read it. 'It's from... uh.. my parents! Saying that they need my help at ... the bakery! Because they have a lot of work to do', Marinette said, nervously. Actually, it was from Master Fu, saying that Marinette needed to come see him ASAP. But she couldn't exactly tell Alya that...
After school, Marinette was grabbing her bag and getting ready to go when Chloe came over. 
'Where are you going in such a hurry?' she said sarcastically. 
'I'm, uh, going to my house! To... help my parents! Because.. they.. uh.. need my help!'
'I should have known. Your parents can't even do their own job, and they need a ten-year-old to show them how! How hilarious!'
'Actually, I'm fourteen,' Marinette muttered under her breath as Chloe walked off. 'Don't worry about it,' Tikki advised. 'Right now, you need to get to The Guardian's house!'


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