Prime Queen alternate ending part two (s2 ep3)

She really hoped she wouldn't regret this. But, as Chat Noir said, they really had no other option...
A quiet beeping brought her back to earth. 'Chat?' she whispered, pulling away. 'I'm about to change back. We need to hurry!'
'Yeah...' Chat said dreamily.
'Chat!' Ladybug said, more urgently. 'Wake up! Snap out of it!'
'Huh? Oh, right of course,' he said, rather sheepishly. 'My apologies, Milady.'
A voice cut through their little by-play. 'What a SCOOP!' Prime Queen shrieked. 'My ratings are skyrocketing! It's a deal!'
Whilst she was saying this, Prime Queen pulled Alya to safety and released her, then jumped through the TV screen into the freezer. 'Stay tuned, folks! Ladybug and Chat Noir are about to take off their masks and prove their love for each other!'
As soon as Prime Queen appeared, the superhero duo leapt into action, with Chat Noir smashing the TV screen so she couldn't escape, and Ladybug tying her up with her yo-yo.
'Chat! Can you grab the akuma? It's in her watch.'
'With pleasure, Milady,' he said with a grin. However, when he tried to grab it, Prime Queen dodged and hit him in the face!
'Ow!' he yelled, holding up an arm to prevent against further attacks. 'That /hurt!/'
'You can't get me!' taunted Prime Queen. 'My reflexes are too fast! I can always see you coming!'
'Unless... you can't see at all!' Ladybug said, starting to smile. Grabbing the eye mask, she quickly slipped it over Prime Queen's face, blindfolding her.
This time, when Chat reached for the watch, Prime Queen couldn't stop him. As he broke the watch and freed the akuma, Prime Queen detransformed to reveal a very confused Nadia.
'Time to de-evilize!!!' Ladybug purified the akuma, while Chat cataclysmed the freezer door so they could escape.
'Miraculous... Ladybug!!!!'
Ladybug reached up and touched her beeping earrings. 'Gotta go, Chat. You'd better get going as well. Bug out!'


...and that's the end of the story :)
Hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned, and stay Miraculous! Bug out!


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