Prime Queen alternate ending part one (s2 ep3)

Just for clarification; Ladybug and Chat Noir are trapped in the freezer in Le Grand Paris Hotèl, fighting Prime Queen (or trying to). Prime Queen wants them to "reveal their love for one another" but Ladybug wants nothing to do with it. Alya is trapped, and possibly about to drown, and Ladybug and Chat Noir are out of options... almost. (Watch the episode first before reading this; it'll make much more sense.)

Ladybug sighed. Why did she ever agree to that stupid interview? Now Nadia was akumatized, Alya was in danger, the whole world was watching, and Chat-- well, he wasn't exactly helping.

'C'mon, Bugaboo, it's just a kiss...'

She shook her head in frustration. 'And how, exactly,' she said sarcastically, 'will that help?'

Chat smiled triumphantly. 'Because then we can lure Prime Queen here by "proving" our love for one another! Then we say if she puts Ayla out of danger, and comes here, we'll give her our Miraculous. It's the only way we can pursuade her that we're telling the truth. Of course,' he said as an afterthought, 'we won't actually give her our Miraculous...'

'Frustratingly enough, that actually makes sense. But there has to be another way!' Ladybug paused, realising she had forgotten something. 'Lucky Charm! Of course!'

'Wait, Milady! it's too risky! What if it doesn't work, and you detransform in front of everyone!'

She gave him a tired smile. 'I'll be fine, Chat.' After all, she reasoned, Lucky Charm had never failed her before.

'Lucky Charm!!'

'An eye mask?' Ladybug looked around wildly. 'Chat? any ideas?'

The black superhero held up his hands in defeat. 'You're the ideas girl, don't look at me!'

A cheeky smile lit up his face. 'Soooo.... back to plan A then?'

'I guess I don't really have a choice, do I?' Ladybug said ruefully. 'But remember; I'm doing this to save Alya and defeat Prime Queen, NOT because I have a crush on you or anything like that. Ok?'

'Of course,' Chat Noir said with a wink.

Ladybug turned on the small TV screen. 'Alright, Prime Queen, here's the deal. You'll get your scoop. Free Alya and come here, and we'll give you our miraculouses and.. uh.... /confess/.'

'Of cour-' Prime Queen began to agree. Then she paused. 'Wait. How do I know you're not just pretending to be "in love"?'

'Because... because...,' Ladybug hesitated, gathering her courage. Then she leaned over and slowly, deliberately, kissed Chat Noir.

Sooo.. what do you think? Part 2 is coming next week, so, to quote Alya, "Stay tuned peeps!"


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